Our Mission

 Serving Everyone with Encouragement to Discover Self-worth  (SEEDS)

Providing a safe environment for children  Prek-12th to play, learn and GROW to succeed in their long-term GROWth. By offering parents workshops with non-judgment support, families will also be more likely to thrive at home and in society. Establishing a different community through love and freedoms. 

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Our Vision

To Scatter SEEDS among community members regardless of their age or stage. To provide members with the tools to cultivate their gardens of knowledge. Support families in a non-traditional approach in many ways including donation-based rates, some flexibility in schedules, and more. 

Our long-term plan is to offer a supportive, caring, open door classroom-style enrichment program for the Homeschooling Community for grades Prek-12th. Offer a safe place for teens to congregate and feel welcomed as they grow from sprouts to thriving adults. To provide a safe place to GROW and play for those outside the homeschooling community. To provide our members with workshops to support their growth, faith, family, marriage, and self-image in skills that will last a lifetime. Be part of a community not just in a community. To be the hands, eyes, voice, and feet for the Members who seek support in many areas like health, business, home, living needs, and much more. SEEDS is dedicated to growing as a Ministry.

If we are not able to meet your needs we will help you find a place that can! 

Scattering SEEDS is an Unincorporated Private Ministry in the form of An independent school independently financed by Members & Community Donations and independent governance. Also known as private schools, non-governmental, privately funded, or non-state schools, ministries, churches, and Enrichment, we are not administered by local, state, or national governments. Soley a Private Ministry for you and your family to be served and heard! The more we grow, the more we can serve. We hope to reach more ages, stages, and grades as quickly as God sees fit!

Meet the Founder


Founder & Partner Teacher

Scattering SEEDS Ministry came about while Amber ran a successful Preschool in her home, yet she wanted to impact more families. The majority of Amber’s students’ parents voiced their desire to homeschool their children once they finished our program, yet; they had zero confidence in themselves to do so. Parents were unsure how to juggle life, homeschooling, and things alike. They often asked Amber for guidance not only in schooling but in the areas of parenting, marriage, themselves, and more. At times Amber supplied families with materials, knowledge, and things alike for home, which changed the whole family, not just their child. Then as the desire to Homeschool in our area grew, the doubts from parents about themselves being successful grew as well. However, she knew that she could support more families through these avenues and offer resources and materials if only she could find the space to support doing so.

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