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GROW, led by Amber, provides students and parents with classroom materials not typically available in a homeschool setting. Pods, facilitated by Amber, come together weekly, biweekly, or monthly to develop social skills, learn from one another, and engage in various enriching activities. GROW Pods serve as an off-site enrichment program for children, providing workshops and personalized 1-on-1 support to empower each child and their teacher in discovering their self-worth.

Amber has extensive experience teaching children from age B-18. She acknowledges that today’s society often pushes children to develop at a rapid pace, but she disagrees with this approach from a developmental standpoint. Through her study of child development, Amber recognizes the difference between merely meeting milestones on a checklist and truly experiencing growth while acquiring new skills. She firmly believes that every child is a precious gift from God, and she celebrates their unique growth, development, and personality.

Amber understands that when children grow at their own pace, they become more receptive to learning. She also recognizes that children thrive when provided opportunities to actively participate in a community rather than merely being part of one.

Grow Library

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Let’s face it, we parents pour out our hearts trying to give our children everything they have ever wanted all while making sure they grow to respect and value themselves, others, and what they are given.

We know how hard it is to give them EVERYTHING; especially with prices these days. And when we do finally purchase that cool new toy, they play with it for about a week, place it on a shelf and barely look back.

We have the solution to that! We have a wide range of toys, activities, materials, and lessons to GROW young minds. You can browse our shop and check out materials; keep them until your little learner is finished. No more purchasing items they barely play with, trying to resell to purchase new items. You can simply return what they are done with and check out something new. And the best part is; if you find your learner is really GROWing and loves the material you now know the purchase is worth the price!

What former Parents had to Say about us

“My son went to Amber and Jerry for the last 2 years. He is starting kindergarten this year. We went in for his pre-assessment today and the teacher said he is way ready for kindergarten. He is where he needs to be or above in academics, social skills, and manners. My youngest is still with Amber this year I can’t wait to see another year’s growth!”

Erin S.


“Amber and Jerry at Blessings Preschool truly are a blessing. Our daughter has not only really picked up a love for learning since transitioning from daycare to Blessings Preschool, but she has also embraced trying a lot of new foods. Be prepared for your kids to ask you to make things like they do at school. I highly recommend this preschool to everyone!”

Ashley M.


“I am so glad we’ve found Amber and Jerry for our daughter’s care and schooling! They are so patient and great with kids! When my daughter comes home, she usually will surprise us with new songs, words, and other new stuff she learns from school. To be honest, I don’t think my daughter would know the stuff she knows now if it wasn’t for Amber and Jerry.”

Michelle C.


Good afternoon! I wanted to mention to you that Chloe went to kindergarten roundup and scored 91/100 on her “test”. The teachers wanted us to mention to you that you have done a wonderful job teaching her, and we truly agree! Thank you!

Jen H.