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GROW is a Program of Scattering SEEDS Ministry open to members only, and we serve children in grades 3-6/7 (Preschool through Kindergarten). Recognizing the growing disillusionment with the traditional public school system, Our Ministry offers an innovative solution that aims to empower and support parents who choose to homeschool, especially those who may benefit from additional assistance and resources. We have established GROW Pods that embrace a dynamic approach to education, incorporating elements such as traveling teachers, outings, and experiential learning.


Being in our Pod, families within our program take turns offering their homes or dedicated spaces for group learning and activities. In addition to opening our own home, my name is Amber, and I also travel to teach to your home, providing personalized 1-on-1 support and guidance to families and students in the comfort of their homes.


Our program extends beyond the confines of traditional classrooms, as we believe in the power of experiential learning and exploration. Throughout the school year, we organize various activities and locations for our educational endeavors. These include invigorating hikes, visits to splash pads, community gardens, and engaging music and movement sessions, among many other possibilities. The welcoming nature of our community dramatically enhances the richness of our experiences. The more welcoming and inclusive our community, the greater our options to explore and enrich our educational journey together.


By embracing this collaborative and diverse approach, we foster a sense of belonging, cooperation, and mutual support among families. We create a space where children can thrive academically and socially, and parents can actively contribute to their child’s educational

Parent Involvement

It seems like you’re discussing a program called GROW, which is an enrichment program designed to support at-home learning. Enrolling a child in GROW Pods serves as the basis for their core learning. In this program, parents play a crucial role in connecting their child’s at-home learning with the activities and curriculum covered during their time in the GROW Pods.

To ensure that the child is progressing and benefiting from the program, parents are expected to actively participate in various aspects of the program. This may include joining outings, attending Community Days, participating in SOW (which could stand for Service Opportunities Week), attending workshops, and engaging in program events. By taking part in these activities, parents can stay involved in their child’s educational journey and support their progress.

Additionally, families are encouraged to volunteer as hosts for the GROW Pods throughout the year. This means that families would provide a location or venue where the Pods can take place. Hosting a Pod allows families to actively contribute to the program and create a conducive learning environment for their child and other participants.

Overall, GROW emphasizes the importance of parental involvement in various aspects of the program, including aligning at-home learning, participating in activities, and even hosting Pods. This collaboration between parents and the GROW program aims to enhance the child’s educational experience and ensure their advancement.


Serving Others Willingly

We want to give your child a firm foundation that will grow their roots deep and help them become successful individuals who can think for themselves. Just as each seed has its own ideal sprouting time, so does your child. Our program will provide your child with the nurturing to build their character, independence, confidence, and self-esteem, ensuring they develop the strong roots they need to succeed.

We formed SOW to teach students (and families) how to be part of a community, not in a community. In a world full of opinions, we want to help form opinions of love and care. To teach students to willingly help their neighbors with groceries, lawn care, a meal, animal sitting, etc. To teach that loving our community members does not mean we are always to agree. But we can agree that we all deserve to be kind and helpful to those in need. 

Are you a homeschool Family, SAHM, or Part-time worker looking for enrichments, playdates, and experiences, and/or join age-appropriate activities in the community and out of your home?

Use the Contact Us tab to reach out so we can discuss how your child and family can still be part of GROW without the full-time commitment of GROW attendance.

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