We are Enrolling now

for  Ages 3-6 Years

We’re excited about your interest in joining us!


GROW is a Program of Scattering SEEDS Ministry open to members only, and we serve children in grades Pre-K-8. Over the last several years, many parents have become disillusioned by the public school system yet do not have the means to homeschool. Our Ministry is the solution to that problem! We formed GROW Pods that are more affordable than most private schools and provide a mixed curriculum incorporating wholesome values. Utilizing a one-room schoolhouse style while incorporating small groups, we provide individualized instruction to each child, encouraging them to become independent, self-thinking, caring individuals capable of navigating the world we live in today. 

 Our mission is to provide young children and their parents with the foundation for healthy development and outstanding education and a place to be free, get inspired, and be empowered to learn and grow…naturally!

Parent Involvement

Having your child attend GROW is not their only form of education. GROW is an enrichment program to support at-home learning. Enrolling your child in GROW Pods is the foundation of core learning. Parents are to work with Amber to connect at home vs. while at GROW. Parents are to participate in outings, Community Days, SOW, workshops, and events to ensure their child is advancing. Members of GROW Pods receive a 10% discount to GROW Library Membership.


Serving OthersWillingly

We want to give your child a firm foundation that will grow their roots deep and help them become successful individuals who can think for themselves. Just as each seed has its own ideal sprouting time, so does your child. Our program will provide your child with the nurturing to build their character, independence, confidence, and self-esteem, ensuring they develop the strong roots they need to succeed.

We formed SOW to teach students (and families) how to be part of a community, not in a community. In a world full of opinions, we want to help form opinions of love and care. To teach students to willingly help their neighbors with groceries, lawn care, a meal, animal sitting, etc. To teach that loving our community members does not mean we are always to agree. But we can agree that we all deserve to be kind and helpful to those in need. 

Are you a homeschool Family, SAHM, or Part-time worker looking for enrichments, playdates, 1-2 days of “in-classroom” experiences, and/or join age-appropriate activities in the community and out of your home?

Us the Contact us tab to reach out so we can discuss how your child and family can still be part of GROW without the full-time commitment of GROW attendance.