Our Goal of FREE Enrichment. However, that is only possible because of the generosity of supporters like you. THANK YOU!

Every little bit helps SEEDS scatter & GROWth in our community.


Traverse City Children need help from partners like you to support GROW because your commitment makes our work possible.  Your Partnership will sponsor a child to attend GROW Pod enrichments programs who cannot afford to do so. It is important to offer our programs free or low fees for participating children because we believe that all children should GROW and learn in a fun and safe environment where they can develop at their own rates and have fun doing so. 

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Scatter SEEDS

Support our day-to-day operations. General donations help us continue to serve, operate, and continue to bring new ideas for our members –from providing materials to the classroom centers (IE; art supplies), to playground maintenance,  and other operational costs relies on your support to help keep admission and membership fees low or even FREE. If you would like to make a recurring, or one-time donation to our ministry, please use the giving button below. Thank you and God Bless you!


​There are plenty of ways for you to get involved at SEEDS! We are always looking for new volunteers to serve our members, host or present events, workshops, Community Days, etc. Your support will help GROWth, and SEEDS will scatter.  Without volunteers, we would not be able to offer them the exceptional programs and events that instill a passion for lifelong learning.​

Do you have a passion for supporting families and their choice of education?

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All donations are Tax Deductible

Scattering SEEDS is an unincorporated, 508(c)(1)(a) Ministry, structured as a Private Ministerial Association. This means that we are funded exclusively by donations, and your donation is a tax-deductible transaction. We provide goods and services available only to members of our Ministry.