Richard Hart

sb_father_richard_hart-585x731 Richard Hart OFM Cap has been preaching parish renewals and missions for over 25 years, both in the US and abroad. He was the former director of the Preaching and Evangelization for the Capuchin Province of St. Joseph and resides in Milwaukee, WI.

Hart obtained two Master Degrees in Communications and Theology from Marquette University in Milwaukee while teaching in the seminary at Crown Point, IN.

He has written several books including Powerlessness: Passion for the Possible, Preaching: The Secret to Parish Revival, Preach As Risk Taker, How Christian Are You?, and Edging God Out.

Parish Mission

Parish Renewal involving 3 days. If a five day, it includes a reconciliation service and concluding Mass on Friday night.

Igniting the Fire

  1. Sharing Our Faith
  2. Why We Share It?
  3. How We Share It

The Paschal Mystery

  1. On Suffering
  2. Dying and Letting Go
  3. Resurrection & Hope

What Did Jesus Preach Most? The Kingdom of God

  1. Images Used By Jesus<
  2. Parables
  3. Challenges to Live It


  1. Need To Forgive
  2. How To Forgive
  3. What Paralyzes Us?

Fr. Richard also has a number of speaking topics available:

  • How Disciplined Are You? Discipline is a pattern much needed for self control but leads to delayed satisfaction
  • Is Attitude Everything? The importance of a positive attitude cannot be overstated if we are to make progress in our spiritual lives.
  • Who Will Speak for the Children?
  • The Need for Prayer If we are to change our lives and deepen our relationship with God and others prayer is a non negotiable.
  • Highest Kind of Love It is a sacrificial love which asks nothing in return and is written about in Pope emeritus Benedict’s XVI’s encyclical on Love.
  • Loneliness Loneliness is built into love relationships. How do we accept and live with it?
  • Living the Now We spend too much time concentrating on the future and living in the past which results in fear and guilt.
  • How Passionate are You? Passionate people are armored with conviction, ardor, enthusiasm for an ideal or goal.
  • The Challenge of Intimacy Why do I have to suffer? Nothing causes more powerlessness or weakness than embracing our suffering.
  • Costly Discipleship
  • Challenge of Conversion We often resist the invitation to change our lives, and especially to accept on-going conversion.
  • How Hopeful are You? Hope will supply us with a passion for the possible and help us to counteract discouragement and even despair.
  • Faceless People How are we to deal with people who are poor, hungry, homeless, ignored, despised and forgotten in our society?
  • Patience: Virtue Most Needed We need it when dealing with our suffering, trials, difficulties and annoyances.
  • Dealing With Difficult People They are part of our lives and will test our love, compassion and forgiveness.
  • Accepting Brokenness
  • Controlling Anger Awareness of anger and not suppressing or repressing it is a challenge for all of us.
  • Dealing with Adversity Some people break under its stress and cannot recover, while others grew stronger. What is their secret?