Br. M.J. Groark, OFM Cap.

Br. Michael Joseph "M.J." Groark is a young Capuchin friar residing in Chicago, IL. He is currently studying to become a priest, and he is undertaking his theological studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, IL.

Brother MJ grew up in California and the Pacific Northwest. Following high school, he was very successful in the business world. Poor decisions landed Br. MJ on the streets of Portland, OR for two years. After a series of miraculous events, Br. MJ made it to Milwaukee, WI in 2006, and was received into the Church on Easter of 2007. Soon after, he found his vocation with the Capuchin friars.

Br. MJ’s story is one of hope and faith, and he addresses many problems facing our youth and society in today's world. He is able to address the realities of our culture and offers a Franciscan response to confront these issues.

Brother MJ has experience preaching:

» Confirmation / Young Adult
» Addiction & Recovery Spirituality
» Franciscan Spirituality
» Franciscan Intellectual Tradition
» Prayer & Contemplation
» Pope Francis
» Days of Recollection

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